Alab Pilipinas likely next stop for Brownlee

    AFTER helping Ginebra bag its third PBA Governors Cup title in four years, Justin Brownlee’s sights are trained on helping another team dear to him.

    “Just maybe Alab. If they need a replacement or anything like that Alab will be ideal for me,” said Brownlee, referring to the team he would most probably play for next after some much-needed rest.

    “I want to stay here in the Philippines,” added Brownlee. “So maybe Alab, if they have a spot for me, or if they need a replacement import.”

    Alab Pilipinas team owner Charlie Dy said Brownlee is definitely in his radar.

    “We’re definitely interested,” Dy said in a text message before leaving for a game with Hong Kong Eastern last night. “Will talk to him when we get back from Hong Kong.”

    Alab, the team that Brownlee helped win the ABL title during its 2017-18 season, has made three import changes after only eight games.

    Even before the start of the season, Renaldo Balkman withdrew from the team and was replaced by Nick King. Last December, the team decided to replace Adrian Forbes with Sam Deguara and just last week brought in Prince William after Khalif Wyatt decided to become a free agent.

    Brownlee missed joining Alab last season since he was tied up with Ginebra in the Commissioner’s and Governors Cups. It was the same reason Brownlee could not go over to Alab sooner this time.

    The one-time Best Import awardee got freed up sooner than expected this time when Ginebra topped Meralco in just five games in the last PBA finals.

    “We did not go to seven games, we finished a little early so the opportunity is there,” related Brownlee. “When they asked me before we were in the middle of the (conference) and they needed a player right away so they got another one.”

    Other offers from club teams in Korea, Japan and even China have also come Brownlee’s way, but he plans on getting some much-needed rest first before making a decision.

    “I’m not sure right now. I had a long season, so maybe I’m gonna rest a little bit,” said Brownlee. “Maybe after a few weeks, I will probably decide.”

    But if Alab rings, there won’t be any hesitation.

    “If they need me, I would be available in a few weeks or so,” said Brownlee.