SM Prime promotes disaster preparedness


    SM Prime Holdings Inc. has recently inked a partnership agreement with the Manila Observatory for the “High Definition Clean Energy, Climate, and Weather Forecasts for the Philippines” Project, a data-driven system that utilizes automated weather stations (AWS) and high-performance computer modeling to provide clean energy and weather forecasts up to five days in advance.

    The multi-stakeholder initiative is part of SM Prime’s long-running advocacy to promote disaster preparedness and resilience in the country through strategic partnerships and science-based information.

    Through the initiative, the Manila Observatory will produce daily weather forecasts and hourly forecasts for clean and renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, up to five days in advance.

    The 49 AWS instruments installed in the SM malls nationwide provide real-time pictures of the atmosphere that enable the Observatory to refine its micro-forecasts for renewable energy and weather. Moreover, long-term predictions of climate change in the Philippines from the 2030s to the 2090s will be continually made to help prepare communities especially those who are more vulnerable to its adverse impacts.

    “Manila Observatory’s daily forecasting services of weather and clean energy potential up to five days in advance, risk maps and its accompanying reports will definitely help SM in preparing for disasters, monitoring, and risk management, thus protecting our valued stakeholders and the communities we serve where SM businesses are located,” said SM Prime president Jeffrey Lim. “SM is fortunate to be a partner in this worthy undertaking and we look forward to a more sustainable and disaster-resilient society.”