‘Learning Never Stops’: online training program for teachers nationwide

    Gabay Guro PLDT’s flagship educational program provides free online training for teachers nationwide.

    Through its recently launched ‘Learning Never Stops’ campaign, PLDT’s Gabay Guro has distributed 13 e-learning sessions on Facebook with over 300,000 views to date as of May 30. 

    The online training videos uploaded on the Gabay Guro Facebook Page are all for free. These videos are available for replay which allows teachers to go learn at their own pace.

    Topics of the live training and recorded webcasts include life learnings from the quarantine, virtual teaching 101, flipping the classroom, improving students’ reading and comprehension, as well as teachers’ mindset improvement in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Through the comments sections and webinar discussions, many teachers have expressed their gratitude to Gabay Guro and the speakers for conducting these free webinars.

    “Learning is constantly evolving. This is why our ‘Learning Never Stops’ campaign aims to empower our teachers amid the pandemic as we provide them with engaging online training videos conducted by reputable guest speakers. Through this campaign, we are equipping our teachers with digital competencies and capabilities that enable them to adapt in this new normal,” said PLDT SVP and Gabay Guro Chairwoman Chaye Cabal-Revilla.

    “During these trying times, we want to assure our teachers that every opportunity will be given to them amid COVID-19. Our recently launched ‘Learning Never Stops’ campaign enables them to explore online trainings and curriculum that aim to expand their knowledge and expertise,” said PLDT and Smart VP for Learning and Development and Gabay Guro Head for Teachers’ Training Alexander Kibanoff.

    Gabay Guro is spearheaded by the PLDT-Smart Foundation and PLDT Managers Club, Inc. The 12-year-old program empowers teachers across the country though initiatives in seven key pillars. This includes scholarships, teachers’ trainings, classroom donations, livelihood programs, connectivity & computerization, teachers’ tribute and digital innovations.