Closing the loop on recyclable plastic packaging


    Coca-Cola announced milestones and upcoming initiatives in the Philippines as it continues with its World Without Waste journey.

    The company has pledged to use more recycled content in its line-up in the Philippines starting 2022 and beyond, as it expands the number of products that use 100 percent recycled PET in its packaging.

    By next year, the company will also be phasing out the use of unrecyclable sachets from its packaging portfolio in the Philippines.

    The company is also introducing paper straws for its juice and dairy products. With these decisions, the company will be fast-tracking the achievement of its commitment to make 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. All the company’s bottles and cans are recyclable by design, on top of how Coca-Cola’s business in the country remains to be in refillable glass bottles.

    The company has also been light-weighting its recyclable (PET) plastic packaging, which has resulted in the removal of approximately 10,000 metric tons of new or virgin plastic materials from its packaging.

    Coca-Cola’s goal is to create closed-loop systems, extracting the maximum value from packaging materials and products while in use, then preventing them from becoming waste through recovery, recycling, and reuse– ultimately, aiming for every package the company sells to be recycled and reused.

    To remind consumers to help recycle the bottle after they have enjoyed the drink, Coca-Cola Philippines is launching this month a prominent ‘Recycle Me’ message on its package labels across all its brands and products.

    Coca-Cola also announced that PETValue Philippines—the country’s first food-grade bottle-to-bottle recycling facility—is set to be operational in the first quarter of 2022. The P2.28-billion multi-phased joint venture investment between Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc (CCBPI) and Indorama Ventures—a global leader in green technology and packaging solutions— will significantly expand domestic recycling capabilities and accelerate the development of a circular economy for recyclable PET plastic bottles in the Philippines. The facility’s operations will also generate around 200 direct jobs for Filipinos.