Big bank urges clients to use debit cards


    With how the world has changed over the past year, cashless transactions have become more of a necessity and a preferred payment option for most consumers. In fact, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), digital payments have increased by 5000 percent in almost the same period.

    One of the easier and more practical ways to go cashless is through the use of debit cards.

    A debit card is commonly utilized as a digital wallet that you can readily use anytime and anywhere. As it is generally accepted in many stores, payment facilities, and even digital merchants, a debit card bolsters every consumers’ spending habits without the need to use hard cash.

    Given the relevance and ease of making cashless transactions during this time of physical distancing, Metrobank is encouraging its customers to #UseDebit in their daily transactions.

    Convenient and rewarding, a debit card allows contactless but secured payment methods and at the same time, gives you access to exclusive perks and promos. Get into the habit of maximizing the use of your debit card with these benefits:

    Contactless payments are preferred nowadays, especially from your monthly billers. You can enroll your debit card to your billers to automatically pay for your utility bills, streaming service subscriptions, and many others at certain times of the month. It’s also much easier to just tap, swipe, or insert a card when purchasing your necessities at the grocery or hardware store. The less the need to wrangle and exchange cash, the less chance of contact.

    Debit cards come with an EMV chip and customized PIN to ensure that your personal data and payment transactions are secured and protected.This chip technology provides multiple layers of security encryptions to protect your card from unauthorized use. As a reminder, cardholders should be responsible in keeping their account information safe. Never share your PIN, OTP, CVV, card expiry, username, and password to anyone.