Transformations in customer experience

    BRIA’s stringent customer service training system ensures that each representative is equipped with the necessary skills to handle any client.

    Few highs compare to the thrill of anticipation most prospective homebuyers go through when they move closer to owning that one perfect home they’ve always dreamt of.

    But when the exhilaration wanes, homeowners-to-be could face an inevitably bleak reality: homeownership is a tricky path to navigate. Without the right tools or an experienced guide, it’s easy to make the wrong choices that could eventually cost them a hefty sum of money.

    Even proptech companies acknowledge how, for instance, incompetent real estate agents and sketchy customer service can cause issues in the entire search process and result in botched deals and disillusioned home seekers.

    To head off such problems, property developer BRIA Homes has been upgrading its customer service to benefit current and future clients. With the ongoing crisis compelling home builders to change how they sell their projects, BRIA is continuously pushing digital marketing schemes and virtual client engagements for safer, smoother, and faster transactions.

    The stringent training and onboarding system for BRIA’s customer service ensures that each representative is equipped with the necessary skills to handle clients across all demographics. BRIA likewise is intent on enhancing its customer service experience along with putting a more responsive property management team to work.

    In all these, of course, digitalization plays a vital role. Today, any aspiring Filipino homeowner can scrutinize BRIA Homes’ properties from anywhere they are in the world by availing of BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours via its official website.

    And finally, when a homebuyer is ready to sign on the dotted line, BRIA offers flexible payment options to make the deal happen. BRIA has partnerships with major banks Maybank, BDO, Unionbank, PNB, Security Bank, RCBC, and Metrobank. Likewise, BRIA also accepts payments through e-wallet services like GCash, Paymaya, and All Easy.