“I was drawn to the circle and liked to work within it…I like things contained in a space I can control.” Thus, Pia Benitez Yupangco on the genesis of her art.

    All these insights engendered the works of Pia Yupangco in her solo exhibition titled “Spherical” organized by Hiraya Gallery, now on view at the Globe Art Gallery starting October 2, 2019.

    Yupangco treats the sphere or circle simply as space and not as symbol. Indeed, its richness as a signifier is so lush, so extravagant, as to detract or distract from its integrity as form.

    There is, it must be said, a certain theatricality, as well as charm, wit, humor, and visual pomp to her designs, despite the surprising small-scale, the minuteness of the works.

    Thus inescapably, the works, as such, have a quality of the bijou – something small but elegant and tasteful, dainty and of delicate workmanship. In short: a visual jewel. In “Splitting Hairs,” there is a bristling energy to the fierce porcupine lines, while in “Spike,” sharp, serrated edges convey a menacing look. “Sting” and “Claws”, as if drawn from the deep sea, usurp the identity of a jellyfish and a crustacean. In contrast is the delightful and pleasurable temper of “Bloom” and “Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

    Pia Benitez Yupangco considers “Spherical” as a personally significant show. “My shyness keeps me from moving out of a certain comfort zone – but inside of it, I can play and create my own world, without judgment or fear.”

    Having seen the works at “Spherical,” the viewer can assure Pia Benitez Yupangco that she should have no concern` for fear or judgment.

    Spherical runs until October 31 at the Globe Art Gallery, The Globe Tower, 32nd corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.