Globe Studios brings ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ to Upstream

    Jasmine Curtis Smith & Glaiza de Castro

    The horror movie “Midnight in a Perfect World,” which made waves at the QCinema International Film Festival, will be available on Upstream beginning January 29.

    Written and directed by Dodo Dayao, the film stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Anthony Falcon, Dino Pastrano, Bing Pimentel and Glaiza de Castro. The cast also includes Soliman Cruz, Dolly de Leon, Charles Aaron Salazar and Brian Sy.

    Contrary to the title, the setting of the movie is a dystopian future Metro Manila where the happenings are far from perfect. “Midnight in a Perfect World” has people suddenly getting lost during blackouts that occur suddenly during the night.

    Jasmine and Glaiza, with Anthony and Dino are the four friends who get caught in a blackout and must now find a safe house to survive.

    Dayao, the filmmaker behind the critically-acclaimed Cinema One Original “Violator,” said he got the idea for “Midnight in a Perfect World” from an actual dream he had that he combined with personal memories of growing up during the last years of martial law.

    “It may be a martial allegory but it is also a haunted house story,” he said.

    “The house, our house is still haunted. The ghosts are all very much here.”

    Dayao is extremely proud of his cast, calling them “wish fulfillment” as all of them seamlessly tackled the role assigned to them.

    The movie’s leads hope viewers pick up important lessons from the movie.

    Jasmine stressed the importance of sobriety. “There’s always a need for that one person to keep yourself together. As for my character, hopefully, she does not trip out too long.”

    For Glaiza, it’s balance: “My takeaway is sana mabalanse kung ano ang safe sa hindi. Pag gusto mo mag-explore, balanse lang. Basta balance lang. Hanapin ang balanse because there’s something that’s too much of a good thing.”

    Dino said people should learn from his character’s folly. “I hope madala sa nangyari sa akin because my character goes through quite a journey.”

    Anthony issued a warning: “No one is safe.”

    Globe Studios head Quark Henares explained the appeal of the movie: “When it was presented to us, it was pitched as an allegory of martial law. Little did we know that by the time it was released, it would also serve as a reflection of these dark times.”

    “Midnight in a Perfect World” is produced by Globe Studios and Epicmedia Productions, the same team that made the box-office hit “Fan Girl,” which won eight major awards at the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival. It is available for advance booking at and will be streamed worldwide through from January 29 to February 29, 2021.