Jumping rope, anyone? It now has an NSA


    WHAT’S next for the Philippine Jump Rope Association, a newly-created sports body?

    For its founding president, Noel Agra, the next move is to secure accreditation from the International Jump Rope Union, the Philippine Olympic Committee, and eventually forming a national team.

    “We’ve applied for (accreditation from) the International Jump Rope Union. We’re just waiting for the reply on our application,” Agra said yesterday in the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum webcast.

    “We have that in plan (of having a national team and national coaches), of course. With all the obstacles that’s in front of us right now, mahirap lang to execute everything. But yes, definitely part of our plan if not this year, next year as soon as we can but that’s definitely a major plan of ours, to gather coaches,” he added.

    Agra, son of Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation and POC general counsel Atty. Al, said the PJRA was formed amidst the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Jump rope, a non-contact sport, should not encounter problems with health protocols in place for the coronavirus crisis.
    “One of the positive things that came up with this negative situation was we were able to build the federation during the ECQ and nahi-highlight iyong jump rope as part of anyone’s lifestyle,” explained Agra.

    “For now, we’re doing online events. We’ve had around six events actually where we trained people how to do foot works, hand works, leading towards international competition standards. But for now, online events muna and then hopefully when we have more guidelines and details when to do jump rope even with physical distancing, we’ll try our best to accommodate.”