Guidelines on conduct of sports matters released


    A JOINT administrative order from the Philippine Sports Commission, Games and Amusement Board, and Department of Health was released Monday, providing a guideline on the conduct of physical and sports activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    PSC chairman Butch Ramirez expressed relief that the JAO has been finalized after over a month of collaboration among the involved agencies.

    “We all recognize the importance sport plays in building one’s strong immune system; what we just wanted to ensure was that they keep safe and away from the virus while they are doing it,” he said.

    Ramirez signed the joint issuance along with GAB chairman Abraham Mitra and DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III.  It covers non-professional sports under the jurisdiction of the PSC, professional sports under the GAB, professional and non-professional persons in sports like athletes, coaches, trainors, promoters and other parties involved in the conduct of sports like venue management, local government units, schools and workplaces.