POLY LAUNCHED IN PH: Education seen as strong market for new Poly headsets


    ONLINE education is one of the emerging markets seen by Poly executives for its new line of industrial strength headphones.

    “There is definitely a big and growing need for robust, noise cancelling headphones in this emerging field of online education which is growing in the Philippines. The companies who hire Filipinos for this home-based or small-business undertaking require sophisticated equipment to ensure that quality service is delivered to their customers,” Enri Rodriguez,

    Country Manager for Philippines said in a one-on-one interview. Rodriguez pointed out that though the new headphones are primarily targeted to the call center industry, there are other applications requiring such audio equipment.

    Recently, Plantronics acquired Polycom and the new company, simply called Poly launched

    its Philippine office last week. Plantronics created the headphones that declared man’s landing on the moon while Polycom is practically in every big boardroom across the world.

    The merger of the two companies brought about a complimentary technology and product line up that increased the new company’s capabilities.

    “When the two companies came together, no product was cancelled or taken out of the line-up. Our products were so complementary that we actually increased the offerings to our customers and combined instead of taken out our technologies to produce this new line up of headphones,” Samir Sayed, Managing Director, ASEAN and Korea, Poly said as he introduced the next generation of the company’s lineup of popular Savi8200 DECT headsets.

    The two enterprise-grade headphones, the single headphone Savi 8210 and the stereo headset Savi 8220, were introduced to the media. Both lightweight but very robust audio pieces are equipped with active noise cancelling, multiple device connectivity, and offers diverse wearing styles to boost productivity.

    “The noise cancelling technologies are very different, using four different microphones to chose the best audio signal to boost while cancelling out all other unwanted ambient sounds.

    This proprietary technology is all found inside the headset,” Robert Tchia, Solution Architect explained as he demonstrated to noise-cancelling capabilities of the Savi8200 devices.

    Poly’s expertise in enterprise-grade headset solutions enable maximum productivity, regardless of the type of work environment or the job at hand. Featuring close conversation limiting and automatic noise cancellation that means everyone on the call will hear only the person talking into the headset, without interfering background noise.

    “You won’t hear roosters or tricycles passing by if you are a work-at-home person, or the noise of co-workers in the call center,” Rodriguez humors.

    Savi headsets are great for “corridor warriors” who prefer (or need) to walk and talk while on a call. With a wireless office range of up to 180 feet (55 meters) and up to 590 feet (180 meters) when transmissions are line-of-sight.

    The new line has variety of wearing styles to suit different preferences, with multi-device connectivity and easy call merging with support for desk phones, mobile devices and PCs.

    They are also designed not to have a left and right position

    Poly headsets are the only ones with an entire DECT portfolio certified for security by the DECT Forum, the international association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry.

    The headsets are compatible with Plantronics Manager Pro, a software that allows IT teams to manage the deployment of every product registered, including firmware updates and policy compliance.