Golden Haven recreates iconic sights in its memorial parks


    Golden Haven Memorial Parks for the past 40 years has distinguished itself as a leading name in the Philippine deathcare industry. With over 30 locations nationwide in its portfolio, and more in the pipeline, Golden Haven has also gained acclaim for developing the most beautiful memorial parks in the country.

    Apart from giving meaningful tribute to the dearly departed, Golden Haven showcases the finest architectural designs from the most iconic places around the globe, seamlessly blending these with the natural, scenic beauty of Philippine landscapes.

    Golden Haven recreates some of the most iconic sights and places around the world. This can be seen in the very first Golden Haven Memorial Park in Las Piñas, which evokes the grandeur and traditions of the Spanish colonial period.

    Golden Haven in Bulacan meanwhile takes inspiration from Brazil’s famed Amazon rainforest.

    Golden Haven’s locations in the Visayas display their own unique attractions. The park in Cebu is a mountaintop sanctuary that combines elements from Chinese traditions with Spanish-inspired architecture. Golden Haven in Iloilo features the Gardens of America that sustains the theme of incorporating natural beauty with clever man-made design.

    Golden Haven’s parks in Mindanao offer glimpses of the Meditteranean.

    In the northern half of the island, Golden Haven combines the majesty of the Italian peninsula with the spectacular landscapes of California. In the south part are attractions and amenities that draw the world’s beauty into close proximity. Enclaves and gardens such as the Japanese Zen, California Missions, Gardens of America, Papal Garden, Tuscan Hills, Moroccan Tapestry, Victorian Secret, French Royale, and Spanish Courtyard create wonderful new worlds within the boundaries of each memorial park.