That day of the year


    LAST Monday, I stayed up all night, eagerly anticipating Tatay Digong’s speech. It had been a week since I last heard his inspiring words, and I wanted to hear it some more. In this time of great need, Tatay Digong is my one and only source of strength and comfort.

    They announced the start of his speech at 4 p.m., so starting that time I checked and rechecked the live feed. At 4:01 p.m., I started to worry for Tatay Digong, but thankfully Malacañang issued a statement saying that Tatay was still busy talking to his Cabinet members. I’m sure they were just quadruple-checking all of the finer details of their fantastic, marvelous action plan.

    All throughout dinner, even while taking a bath, I kept the feed link on, as Tatay Digong could go live at any time. I even dozed off a few times, and each time I woke up I made myself a cup of coffee and drank it all in one gulp just to hear Tatay Digong’s angelic voice.

    Finally, at 11:35 p.m., the feed went alive. And so did my now-palpitating caffeine-fueled heart. Tatay Digong was talking! Hallelujah!

    I was a bit saddened that it turned out to be taped, but oh! His words, his prose! Tatay Digong always has a lot of words, the best words. And what words they were, calling frontliners lucky for dying while serving the country.

    But I digress.

    It was just awe-inspiring to listen to Tatay Digong lay out his National Action Plan – or NAP for short. Maybe it should be called Power NAP, because it feels like it has so much power? Or maybe a Cat NAP, because it’s so nimble and agile? Either way, the NAP was just so beautifully detailed, right down to the last centavo. I cried tears of joy. Amazing!

    When Tatay Digong started reading the list of all these great governments of the world and these corporations and individuals who pitched in their help, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much all of these other governments, corporations, and individuals must love and adore Tatay Digong, to go out of their way to help him help us.

    So after those fifteen glorious minutes, I went to sleep, dreams full of Tatay Digong’s breathtaking speech. I woke up with such a fresh feeling, knowing that I’d get to read Tatay Digong’s full report.

    And what a report it was! Such action! Much wow! It was so comforting to know that many of the actions Duterte reported have been in place since even before the grant of emergency powers, because consistency is key! No flip-flops here, no paralysis or indications of agencies forming plans just now as they go along, it’s all action all the time! It’s the best!

    And now as I write this, I cannot help but be giddy with joy as I recall Tatay Digong’s voice, his poetry, his art. I cannot help but write this piece, full of inspiration and awe, knowing that when you read this, dear reader, you will know just how outstanding Tatay Digong made me feel with his speech and his report.

    After all, today, the First of April, is the same day it is, every year, year after year