Political reach


    ‘Come election time, no one should underestimate the formidable Tito Sotto and his political reach with majority of the masses.’

    SENATE President Tito Soto should watch his back more often as talks of a coup against him would likely resurface. Rumors about this floated in the Senate some months ago after Sotto had repeatedly spoken out against corruption at the DOH and PhilHealth. Being the vice-presidential candidate of Sen. Ping Lacson, Sotto has, without doubt, a strong stand against government corruption and malfeasance.

    President Duterte, who was behind Sotto when he sought the Senate presidency, will likely try to change the Senate leadership but cannot go far enough to get his way this time.

    Sotto may have made sure that his support from his colleagues is stronger and tighter than before. Come election time, no one should underestimate the formidable Tito Sotto and his political reach with majority of the masses.


    Each one who dies is pronounced to be in heaven and no one seems to be hell-bound. The Catholic Church has taught us that souls with small sins land in purgatory awaiting to be cleansed through prayers here on earth before being allowed into “paradise.” It is the highest dishonor for the departed and a grand insult for the family if he or she is not declared fit for heavens.

    Still, Christians and Catholics alike have decreed there is hell reserved for the damned or unrepentant sinners. The other side of truth is always withheld during funerals when eulogies proclaim goodness, generosity, friendship, along with achievements in acquiring wealth, power and adulation. Regrets are abundant at wakes and rarely leave the soul’s dark recesses of those left behind, unforgiven or abused. A pastor preaching at a funeral was nearly met with a stony silence when he asked the family of the deceased and other mourners to say “ I love you and I forgive you” to the next person.

    We should be burdened with the sick, and God may be delivering a message to many of use as most hospitals are almost overwhelmed with COVID patients. Are we not called upon to do our part to zealously pray for the afflicted and their families and relish this part of the “greater work” for us?

    From healing evangelist Smith Wigglesworth: “The gifts of healing are so varied. You may go to see ten people, and every case will be different. I am never happier in the Lord than when I am in a bedroom with a sick person. I have had more revelations of the Lord’s presence when I have ministered to the sick at their bedsides than at any other time. It is as your heart goes out to the needy ones in deep compassion that the Lord manifests His presence. You are able to discern their conditions. It is then that you know you must be filled with the Spirit to deal with the conditions before you.”