DOH: Nothing wrong with portable air purifiers


    THE Department of Health (DOH) does not see anything wrong with the use of air purifier necklaces as part of efforts to shield oneself from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) transmission.

    But wearing the device does not mean one can do away with minimum health standards, said Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire.

    “As long as you’re always wearing a mask, you are protected,” she said. Vergeire said the portable air purifiers “do not emit smoke or mist.”

    “I think it is not going to cause harm, and there is nothing wrong with using them,” she said.

    The portable air purifier is a small device typically worn like a necklace. It supposedly surrounds one’s head with clean air by continuously emitting negative ions that push pollutants away from an individual. President Duterte is among public figures seen wearing an air purifier necklace.