Guiding future chefs and restaurateurs


    Enderun Colleges recently conducted a webinar entitled, “Career & Business Opportunities in Pursuing Culinary Arts” that aims to instill awareness and inspire both parents and students to be involved in careers related to culinary arts. The event featured respected industry leader Joey Garcia, President of Eight-8-Ate Holdings Inc. and a group of Enderun alumni namely Jeston Chua, Chef de Cuisine of Common Abode, Matthew Lim, CEO of Baked by Machew, and Managing Partner of Burnt Bamboo and CargoFish, and Danielle Millanes, CEO and Owner of Cafe Gorda, and Fetes and Folk.

    Garcia kicked off the webinar with a discussion on the global trends in the culinary industry where business owners could find opportunities to grow. Garcia said that there is a huge growth in the plant-forward eating patterns as consumers tend to become more health-conscious. People are trying to look for alternative protein and the best option for their food as well.

    Furthermore, he explained that in the last 18 months, there has been a surge in delivery efforts, and such a trend will continue. Garcia also pointed out the importance of continuously creating healthy partnerships with aggregators such as Grab and Foodpanda to keep the business running.

    Jeston Chua shared that his family hugely contributed to his decision to pursue a career in the culinary industry. “My biggest influence was my brother and my cousin. My cousin would always take me out and have me try certain restaurants and I enjoyed eating. My brother on the other hand would come home and would want to make [something] and I was quite fascinated by it and gave it a shot myself.”

    Matthew Lim has worked with renowned chefs in Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, a three-Michelin star restaurant in Paris. According to Lim, “If you work for international internships, it will land you a more suitable job. It’s a stepping stone for you to get the right career or choice in the future.”

    Chua adds that research is key in choosing the right internship. “When I chose to go to Pierre [in Hong Kong] I was able to do more, and it threw me into the fire. Don’t go for the name of the establishment, do your research and see what you think you can get from it.”

    Danielle Millanes vividly recalls nothing but good memories in her college years. She strongly holds treasured relationships with her instructors that she still carries up to this day. She had her internship in New York, USA at ABC Kitchen by Jean Georges Vongerichten and came home in 2019, to work for their family business in the restaurant, events, and catering industry. During the pandemic, she started home baking and started Cafe Gorda and Le Fou, a mobile bar for banquets.