Delicate flavours of abalone


    LUNG HIN fetes the delicate flavours of South African abalone with five specially-crafted dishes available all month long. Led by Executive Chinese Chef Ken Leung, the award-winning authentic Cantonese restaurant offers this seasonal delight, highlighting its versatility and tender texture.

    Considered as one of the most-known expensive ingredients in the Cantonese culinary scene, abalone is harvested via a very delicate process that requires carefully taking them off by hand. Because of this, itis believed to only been served to emperors from ancient dynasties. Abalones are good for the liver and kidney, and is good for the immune system.

    With its commitment to bring seasonal specialties to the table, Lung Hin is bringing South African abalones dishes that will delight each palate from 1 to 31 October 2019. These include Braised South African Dried Abalone in different ways—in Abalone Sauce, with Japanese Sea Cucumber, or with Foie Gras. Double-boiled Mini Buddha Jump over the Wall with South African Fresh Abalone is also in the menu for soup, and Braised Abalone Fried Rice with Wild Mushroom for guests who prefer rice options.

    Lung Hin is open daily from 12:00NN to 2:30PM for lunch, and from 6:00PM to 10:30PM for dinner.