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    Globe launches more rewards

    Globe Telecom Inc. has launched new offerings, treats and activities under its Globe Innovation Fest (GIF).

    Through its annual 917 Day celebration, Globe features new offerings through GIFLand , a virtual amusement park.The launch marks the telco’s appreciation to loyal customers for its 917(September 17) anniversary.

    Customers can also use their Globe Rewards points to donate to sustainability partners that support education, environment, health and well-being, poverty reduction, and disaster relief.

    Another innovation launched at GIFLand is Shop & Pay, a self-service, highly-interactive one-stop shop for all your essentials in Globe.

    At the GDay Circus Tent, Globe unveiled the new GlobeOne Super App, which combines the features and experiences of all existing apps — GlobeOne, TM, Globe At Home, and Globe Rewards.

    It aims to be the one app that will empower Globe customers to access all of their essential transactions and accounts, be it topping up their prepaid mobile or broadband plans, redemption of rewards or payment of bills.


    Insular Foundation initiates data science training for women

    The Insular Foundation, in partnership with the For the Women Foundation, recently supported 18 scholars’ venture into data science. With the Foundations’ shared advocacy to empower women through education, the training program presents career opportunities in data science and analytics which are considered as the careers of the future.

    The 18 scholars, 15 women and 3 men, completed 10 Saturdays of intensive data science online training from home in various cities in Metro Manila, Cavite, Nueva Ecija and Benguet. The scholars whose average age was 24, came from diverse backgrounds — new college graduates, government employees, public school teachers, and InLife employees.

    The scholars presented their final projects to Insular Foundation’s Board of Trustees, project stakeholders from InLife and InLife Health Care (IHC), and representatives from the For the Women Foundation. The capstone projects applied what they learned on the use of large amounts of complex data or big data in the core businesses of InLife and IHC.

    “This is a relevant program because data science is a future skill. Data science can really empower and uplift the lives of women,” IHC President and CEO Noemi Azura said.

    “For The Women’s mission is to change women’s lives through intensive technical skills training to enable upward career mobility. Thank you for giving us a chance to sponsor the training of the interested few,” Insular Foundation Executive Director Ana Soriano said.

    For The Women Executive Director and Co-Founder Cara Wilson said “We felt that data science is a skill that did not have to stay in an ivory tower, just with a particular analytics team of a company. You can teach this and make the whole enterprise more data-driven. Congratulations to all our scholars,” she said.


    Solane backs LPG bill

    Solane isramping up its bust operations having confiscated almost P1 million worth of illegally refilled and counterfeit liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks in the first half of the year.

    Solane said the recently ratified LPG bill is envisioned to set the best practices for local industry players and curb the unlawful trade of counterfeit products – a persistent problem.

    Since the beginning of 2021, Solane has conducted more than 30 busts nationwide, confiscating 439 tanks. With the passage of the LPG Bill, Solane is looking forward to plucking out more counterfeit tanks in the market – at least P1 million worth of illegally refilled LPGs in the balance year.


    Education platform, the largest education tech platform in the Philippines and one of the finalists in the 2020 Emerge X Startup Competition, is partnering with Microsoft to accelerate growth in the education ecosystem, enabling more Filipinos to achieve their education and career goals.

    “Obtaining meaningful employment for our Filipino youth starts with getting the right education and being supported by the appropriate resources,” said Grace David, Chief Executive Officer. “

    Edukasyon’s holistic online education platform empowers Filipino youth with the most powerful array of information and relevant resources regarding courses, schools, scholarships, and much more so they can make career decisions aligned to their passions and interests while also finding jobs the market demands.” aims to address this challenge by providing students a platform where they can access a wide range of resources that will guide their path from education to reaching successful careers.

    “Edukasyon’s platform provides millions of Filipino students convenient access to an abundance of resources and also personalized guidance on education, allowing them to make informed decisions that lead to fulfilling careers”, said Abid Zaidi, chief marketing & operations officer at Microsoft Philippines.

    Since its launch in 2015, has attracted 10 million visitors a year and has over 650,000 registered users. The online platform enables students to access senior high schools, colleges and universities, scholarships, online courses, internships, and other learning resources, empowering them to create and accelerate their own paths towards their careers.


    All-Filipino delivery solution

    Dingdong®, an all-Filipino delivery service solution provider, officially launched Dingdong® Direct Delivery, a last-mile logistics program for businesses, organizations, and communities, that aims to eliminate the irregular delivery or service fee being charged in every transaction.

    In lieu of these delivery or service fees, Dingdong® business and merchant partners can now experience a flexible and more convenient points-based delivery system through Dingdong® Direct Delivery which allows them to maximize their budget especially in bulk and pre-booked deliveries.

    “We want to make things easier for our partners and make last-mile delivery accessible and more affordable to all businesses. With Dingdong® Direct Delivery, our partner companies, organizations, or communities can now allocate and maximize their budget via our premium delivery service subscription that is highly customizable and with very affordable rates,” said Doorbell Technology Inc. president and CEO Dong Dantes.

    Dingdong® Direct Delivery currently offers two subscription models:.

    The Dingdong Direct Delivery Premium packages present more affordable and adaptable plans that are perfect for MSMEs and home-based businesses. The Dingdong Direct Delivery Elite packages allow businesses to better allocate their budget for their monthly delivery operations without breaking the bank with its low-cost and customizable terms and arrangement.


    The Toyota Sure Advantage

    Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has created a gold standard for every product and service it gives to make each ride unforgettable.

    Toyota Sure Advantage encapsulates the company’s commitment to making owning and maintaining one’s dream car an enriching experience, making sure every drive—whether it be for work or for leisure travel—is as smooth, hassle-free, and as enjoyable as possible.

    Quality, durability, and reliability come with owning a Toyota, fulfilled through the Toyota Sure Advantage. TMP implements only the best practices in manufacturing and engineering, guaranteeing top-of-the-line quality with every vehicle and driving experience.

    On top of delivering great value in all its products, Toyota makes mobility more accessible to Filipinos across the country. Both new and existing owners can enjoy worry-free ownership and the best service experience. From vehicle acquisition to maintenance, as well as getting the latest car accessories, owners are assured access to products and services through TMP’s myTOYOTA Android and iOS app and with more than 70 dealers and service centers nationwide.


    Webinar on personal well-being for educators

    In support of the National Teacher’s Month 2021 celebration, Pru Life UK presents a free and open-to-the-public webinar aiming to help educators improve their personal well being (physical, mental, and financial) through yoga and financial wellness activities.

    This is possible through the PRUWise Webinars Collab Series featuring Sam Dominguez, yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner, and Mark Anthony Valino, Pru Life UK President for Investment Marketing.

    This event is to be held on Sept. 14, 2021 (via Zoom. It is intended to present basic meditation techniques in achieving a healthier wellbeing and practical money strategies to build a stable and growing financial and investment portfolio to teachers and parents.


    Pinoy audiobook platform

    Audiophile is an audiobook platform now available on Early Access, the tech term denoting access to a product before an official launch.

    Audiophile is now live with a growing library of romance titles, spread across contemporary Tagalogand LGBTQIA+.

    All of Audiophile’s audiobooks are exclusive to the platform, and were produced in-house using best-in-class production standards, supervised by a lead audio engineer who has overseen production for more than 50 global titles. Each audiobook has undergone extensive pre-production, production, editing, QA, mixing, and mastering.

    Those who subscribe before Oct. 4 will be grandfathered into a special rate of US$3.99 per month (a 20 percent discount over the regularly priced rate of US$4.99) as founding members. There is a 7-day free trial, and members can cancel anytime.